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  • The Forever Single Dating Patterns that are causing you to date unavailable or undesirable men instead of being with a high quality man who knows what he wants and what he wants is you...
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Here are the Results of a few of our Students using just a Fraction of our Strategies

How Ann Found Love within 5 Weeks of Working with US

Victoria, 31, San Francisco, CA

Maggie, 36, Los Angeles 

"After being single for a few years I decided that finding love and being in a relationship was something I really wanted in my life. I joined an online dating site and started going out more with the purpose of meeting a man. It seemed like I was doing everything right, but I wasn’t having any success. The online dating process was frustrating! I would spend lots of time emailing and communicating with men, but often this wouldn’t lead to an actual date. When I did get to an actual date, there would rarely be a second date. This left me feeling like I was doing something wrong and that I didn’t understand what men wanted at all. 


I began to realize that my problem was much more complicated than just finding a man. There are lots of men online, but for some reason I wasn’t connecting with them. I decided that I needed some support and guidance through this process to help me figure out what I could do to be more successful, so I reached out to Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael. 


Through my conversations with them, their videos, posts, and shows I have been able to answer many important questions: How do I attract the kind of man I want? How do I make connections during the email stage that will lead to a date? What do I do on a first date that will lead to a second date Since I’ve been working with Dr. Ashely and Dr. Michael, my confidence has improved so much and I am going on more dates and making more connections! Working with Dr. Ashely and Dr. Michael has been invaluable to me. It is great to know that I have their support and expertise as I go through this process. 


Their knowledge and insight into the dating world is amazing. Whenever I have a question or concern they are so responsive, which I really appreciate. They offer solid advice and always give specific examples and suggestions of what to do or say, which is so helpful. To anyone who is trying to be successful in dating and find love, I would definitely recommend having Dr. Ashely and Dr. Michael on your team!"

How Whitney Found Love with her Relationship Ready Man Using our System

Diana, 49, Orange County, CA

"I had a lot of built up childhood trauma stored up in my brain and it was affecting my relationship and I was becoming self-destructive. I tried to deal with it on my own with my own tools and understanding. I remembered what I taught my boys, which was, If you’re trying to build a house, you need more than just a hammer. I needed to get more tools. 

I was actually able to empty the boxes of nonsensical memories in my brain and learn how to deal with them if they actually popped up in my head. I became the confident person that I had only seen in glimpse! 

My family relationships, friendships and my boyfriend at the time became shiny and new! My boyfriend became my fiancé, then my husband! I’ve already recommended people to the program and have told them that what they will learn is invaluable and they’re worth it. 

Everyone deserves to know how to love themselves, to value themselves and learn how to value others. We do not always learn this as children and sometimes what we learned isn’t really what love is at all. I’m forever grateful for everything I’ve learned and my husband and children are grateful as well!!"

Sarah, 39 years old, San Francisco 

“I thought the problem was that I just couldn’t meet the “right” person. After working with Dr. Ashley, I now see the problem completely differently – I had to get to know myself better and, specifically, what I wanted and needed. I am now much clearer and confident. 

I was going in circles – same old profile online and continuing to go against my gut with men only resulted in me feeling exhausted/drained. 

I had a wonderful but brief interaction with Dr. Ashley when she worked at eHarmony. I remember feeling incredibly comfortable with her. She made such an impactful impression that I sought her out several months later. 

I have seen the impact everywhere in my life. Little did I know that I would start reviewing all of my relationships. Most importantly, the main relationship in my life – the one with myself – has gotten stronger and more self-assured. 

I feel genuinely supported by someone who knows what they are doing. That safety and comfort is priceless. 

I have already recommended Ashley to a few friends – I tell them that it is the best money they may spend this year. 

I actually think Ashley can help anyone struggling with all kinds of relationships. The work is incredibly empowering and the upfront goal is to be self-sufficient by the end of it. 

I’ve worked with all kinds of people in services industries – from trainers to healers – and I consider Ashley as the “crème de la crème” of them. Not only is she incredibly talented at her work, she is also ethical, gives it 110% and is just fun to work with. She’s not just rooting you on in the game – she’s in the game with you. 

Dr. Michael & Dr. Ashley Arn - Co-Founders of Date to Soul Mate and former Dating Experts & Matchmakers at

Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael Arn are the only psychologists and husband and wife team in the world who specialize in showing ambitious women exactly how to meet the right, high caliber man and create a relationship that lasts a lifetime with their proven 4 step system. 

They are known as the Love Doctor Duo because they are responsible for countless successful couples and have been fortunate to help THOUSANDS of women find love and make it last.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michal Arn have been Featured in..........

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn Have the Professional and Personal Experience to Help you Find Lasting Love

Not only have they created their own happy marriage, they provide expert dating advice and coaching. Both Dr. Ashley Arn and Dr. Michael Arn worked for years as Dating/Relationship experts and matchmakers at They both trained other expert matchmakers and date coaches to work with eHarmony’s elite clients.

While working with they helped many people find love both online and offline. They also gained an insider’s knowledge about modern dating through their experiences. They have worked with thousands of men and know just what it takes to attract the man of your dreams. They've seen the most common mistakes most smart women make when it comes to dating. They've also seen 1,000’s of data points and dating patterns. They know exactly what it takes to find lasting love in today's dating world. 

Their mission is to cure loneliness by helping ambitious women just like you find lasting love with their soul mate once and for all. 

More Results from Using our Strategies

Yasko K.

I have been working with Dr. Ashley to put love back in my life. She keeps me focused on what I want and gives me out of the box ideas. She really gets you and resourceful too. It’s nice to have someone to stretch your thinking and push you a bit towards your goal. I have also attended seminars by both Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael. I like them because they are both experts and it’s valuable to hear men’s perspective on different aspects of relationship. I think they are planning fun workshops for men and women. I highly recommend you check them out! 


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**you're dating someone and you aren't sure if he is right for you.  

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**you are in a good relationship and you want to make it AMAZING.  

**you want to learn how to have a great career and purpose in life while experiencing the ultimate modern romance.  

If that's you we'd love to help you navigate the ever changing world of modern romance.