This is #1 cause of men NOT pursuing you

Hey it’s Ashley & Michael,

We are sitting here in our kitchen thinking about you and what it’s like to be out there in today’s dating world.

Believe it or not we have most of our meetings in our kitchen here at TEAM ARN Wine Country Head Quarters.

Nothing better than solving problems with a warm cup of coffee and maybe even a delicious snack.

We love to cook together so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen both personally and in our discussions about how to help you most.

Over the last two decades we’ve both dramatically changed HOW we communicate in every area of life.

We started with changing how we communicate in dating other people.

How you communicate is #1 driver of ATTRACTION & DESIRE.

Not how you look (although it helps to look your best).

Not how you’re doing in your career.

No the #1 skill to master to CREATE DESIRE in the man you want is your ability to communicate.

This isn’t just about creating chemistry but the DESIRE to get to know you.

The desire to want to be around you.

The desire to pursue a relationship with you.

The desire to be in a committed relationship with you.

This all happens as a result of how you communicate with a man.

We can show you HOW to communicate with men if you’re truly ready to find real love.

Will we see you this Thursday, February 7th for our live workshop on MAGNETIC COMMUNICATION?

If you want to learn exactly how to send messages that will lead the kind of man you really want to pursue a commitment with you, we are going to show you exactly how to do that.

We are going to cover everything:

**Attention grabbing opening lines

**Ways to seamlessly get someone to ask you on a first date (without you having to ask)

**What to say when someone is dragging their feet on making an actual plan to get together

**How to avoid things fizzling out with a guy you would really like to meet

**How to follow up so that a man will plan a second date with you

**How to communicate so that he sees you as unique and different from anyone else, which is what leads him to pursue a commitment with you.

This live workshop is kept very small to provide lots of personalized attention to each member. Grab your spot now before they fill up.

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Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn