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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

This is #1 Priority in Dating over ALL else…..

We are so pumped!

We are going to a client’s wedding tomorrow here in wine country California. Our client lives in Toronto BUT as luck would have it, they’re having the wedding here in Sonoma.


What is more important than anything else when it comes to love?

In dating, it’s important to value and ACT on the BRUTAL TRUTH of whether someone is a fit for you long term or not over everything else.

Value that brutal truth more than…..

-their amazing family
-how attractive they are
-how much money they make
-the fact that their a doctor with status who your parents love
-your comfort
-not wanting to be single and dating again
-anything else

Anytime we get caught up in a relationship that’s not right for us, it’s because we valued something else over that brutal truth.

Here endeth today’s braingasm.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn