The #1 question to meet the man you want

Hey! It’s back to work after the long weekend.

As you know, we adopted two dogs over the weekend so we were busy welcoming them to the family.

So far, it’s been a pretty smooth transition. Our son Mason is loving that he has two siblings now.

Ashley planted our fall garden over the weekend while the dogs ran around and played.

Michael gave both of them a haircut and a bath.

We also got to thinking about the conversations we have with single women every day.

Here are some of the biggest challenges women share with us that they are having with dating…

You go out and all you come across are younger guys who are only good for sex or older guys who can’t keep up with you.

Guys just run or just want to hook up.

The good ones are already taken.

All you see online are a lot of undesirable men.

Offline when you do at least see a guy who looks attractive and successful, they’re taken or don’t pursue you.

Men don’t pursue anymore.

Men are immature today.

Men have too many options.

Men only want younger women.

The problem with all these statements is that they are “effects”. They give you no control over what to do next.

That’s like saying I’m unhealthy because there is a lot of fast, junk food out there.

That may be true, but the only thing that will help you be healthy is if you take action on what you can control.

It’s the same with dating.

You want to be the cause not the effect.

Here is the #1 question to ask yourself to meet the man you want:

What do I need to change or do differently to get what I want?

You can’t change men.

You can’t change all of dating.

You CAN change what you’re doing if you want to get a different result.

If you are ready to DO something different to meet the man you want, go fill out a quick form so that we can identify what you can change to meet the right guy right away.

If we are able to help you make this change, we will reach out to you and help you take action on this immediately.

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