#1 Way to have BAD dates

We are having a monsoon here in Northern California.  Flooding and constant rain.

We love the rain.  Maybe it’s because we don’t see that much of it here in California….

Let’s get right to the point today.

Most of the time, your dates suck.

The guys seems WAY OFF from what you are looking for…

He shows up late….

He flakes last minute or doesn’t show up at all…

He’s a douche….

He doesn’t look anything like his online photos…

You have no chemistry….

He is broker than a joke…..

Ya you’re not looking for a guy with Oprah dollas but an ambitious professional would be nice right?

Going on these dates wastes your time and drains your energy.

You get burnt out from them.  Sometimes you want to give up on finding love all together.

This is no bueno!

You go to flakebook to mindlessly check out other people’s lives.

Other people’s HAPPY relationships…

Their smiling pictures of them with THEIR man.


There is something that is WORSE than all of this!

It’s going on Dates without ever REALLY getting to know someone.

This is the #1 way to have a bad date.

Why is it so BAD.  Because you aren’t dating people.  You are dating your negative stereotypcial thoughts about people.

It’s a compelte waste of time.

Maybe you are jumping from date to date on the surface level.  Not really getting to know anyone.  Just confirming the stereotypes you have in your mind about men…..   about this particular guy…..

Maybe you’re rejecting your dates very quickly (date 1) and not really connecting with them or seeing who they are.

In Single to Soul Mates University, we teach our clients how to have great dates.

How to deeply connect with and get to know someone on date 1.

And what to do on dates 2-5.  We flip the whole setup of your dates on it’s head.

There is a specific sequence THAT WORKS on dates and if you don’t follow this sequence which we call Unwrapping the Present, you risk having bad date after bad date.

We’ve seen our clients start using our Unwrapping the Present strategy on their dates and instantly transform the quality of their dates.

They also enjoy them more too.

Join Single to Soul Mates University here:


The masters of good dates,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn