3 BIG Mistakes in Dating

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Today we wanted to rap with you about 3 BIG mistakes we see people making out there in the dating world so that you can avoid them and get into the relationship you want in no time.

3 Big Mistakes in Dating!

Mistake #1. Assuming other people’s Attraction Triggers are the same as yours.

We all value and prioritize certain things over others. One of the biggest mistakes people make it dating is assuming your ideal partner values what you value when it comes to attraction and connection.

We are all different and what leads one person to be attracted to someone isn’t the same as someone else.

You may value someone who is successful, ambitious in his career or educated/worldly, but your ideal man may not prioritize those qualities.

In fact, in our experience most men don’t. It’s not that they wouldn’t like you to have these qualities, but they aren’t the DRIVERS or TRIGGERS for attraction.

They are nice to have’s for many men but they aren’t one of the top 5 qualities that lead to him feeling like he can’t stand to be without you.

Mistake #2. Hoping vs. Creating

Many people make the mistake of sitting back and hoping something will happen. They put the responsibility on others to create the kind of life they want to lead.

Yes, in the end you want the right man for you to pursue YOU.

That doesn’t mean he has to be the ONLY proactive one.

A great relationship consists of two proactive people.

Get out of the hoping mindset and create opportunities for the right guy to pursue you.

3. Using the same dating strategies as everyone else.

In dating, most people are sheep. They simply do what everyone else is doing. The way they meet men, how they communicate, how they show up and present themselves is a cookie cutter version of everyone else.

If you want to get into a relationship with one of the best men in the world (you know you do) you must ACT differently. It’s crucial to use different strategies and to communicate and present yourself differently.

Here’s the good news…

Since 99% of people are sheep in dating it’s really easy to stand out in a good way.


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn