3 Ways be Yourself when you like a Guy

Howdy yall,

Yesterday in our Live Workshop group coaching call we talked about how to be your best authentic self when you like a guy.

See, many of our clients have struggled with attracting the guys they’re not into like bee’s to honey and were unknowingly pushing away guys they liked.

They saw the results.

The guys they were neutral about or ACTIVELY DISLIKED were sending them flowers and tripping over themselves to see them.

The guys they liked – had chemistry with or were compatible high caliber men..

-didn’t approach them in every day life.

-ignored them.

-acted hot and cold toward them (talk about messed up mind games right)

-didn’t actively pursue them (said “ya lets GET TOGETHER SOMETIME)

-ghosted after one date or two

-were totally non-commital

They SAW and FELT the brutal results, but didn’t know what the H double Hockey Stick was causing men they liked to treat them like disposable diapers.

On yesterdays call we taught our Single to Soul Mates Live Workshop students POWERFUL strategies to be your best authentic self when you’re around a guy you LIKE.

How to get rid of any nervousness, tightness or feelings of insecurity.

First, we taught them how to be a thermostat instead of a thermometer.

Think about it.

Are you a thermostat or a thermometer around a guy you like.

Do you react to him and set your temperature (emotional state and behaviors) based on him?

If so than you are taking on the role of a thermometer! No bueno and causes a lot of problems when you like a guy.


Do you set your temperature (emotional state and behaviors) based on your own values and goals?

If you do than you are a thermostat and that’s exactly what you want to be when interacting with a guy you like.

Next, we helped our students identify their previous patterns of behavior when interacting with guys they like. You need to know what you normally do to be able to let go of the past and be your best self in the future.

Finally, we taught them how to change both the CONTENT and the QUALITY of their thoughts so that they can feel confident, secure, sensual and authentic around a guy they like.

These strategies will ensure you ATTRACT the right guy into your life. It will also lead the right guy to fall in love with the REAL YOU.

If you don’t change how you THINK and ACT around guys you like, it will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to be your best authentic self around them.

You can waste years unknowingly pushing away high caliber men.

These guys need the REAL you to show up, because the real you is amazing.

The real you is attractive and astonishingly lovable.


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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn