4 Lessons from the Worst Online Dating Profile Ever – Four Friday Favorites – June 10th 2016


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Psychology we enjoyed –  On reddit, people were discussing their ability to set healthy boundaries with family members.  This person made an excuse for his or her inability to set healthy boundaries by saying they hated conflict and were an INFP.  For anyone who doesn’t know, INFP is a personality type on the Myers Briggs personality assessment.

This person was saying because they had a certain personality type (INFP), they weren’t able to set appropriate boundaries.  This led others to question this person and to call him or her out for using their assessment results as an excuse.



It is interesting because we all use half-baked excuses at times to justify our in-action or for not doing something we know we should have done.

We encourage you to take these types of assessments but to use them to point out your strengths and weaknesses.  To identify growth opportunities.  Not to look at your results as fixed innate personality traits.

Link to reddit article about boundaries and Myers Briggs


Interesting and Funny Article about her online dating profile – This woman made the worst possible online dating profile she could think of to test the results.  She was surprised when she got messages from men.  What she did next took her experiment even further.  If you want to improve your online dating profile check it out.

4 Things I learned from the Worst Online Dating Profile Ever


Video we watched – How to Dad shows you how you can put your baby to sleep.


Quote we thought was interesting – 

strong marriage


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