4 Reasons why men ghost

Our client, Natalie (pseudonym) is a great catch. She is smart, attractive, driven, and successful at most things in life. When she wants something, she sets a goal, creates a plan, and makes it happen.

She has great friends and family. People she can count on, laugh with, and cry with.

Overall, her life is very, very full and she feels fulfilled much of the time.

The one thing hasn’t seemed to work out for her is her love life.

She has tried so many things and ends up feeling defeated every time.

She’s had some long term relationships that were decent. She hoped they would turn into a long term commitment, but for some reason it never seemed to last.

Men were quick to ask her out or connect with her, but it usually didn’t go past a couple of dates.

The worst part was that most of these connections ended abruptly. The date seemed to go well and then…POOF…the guy would disappear without any explanation of why.

If he had at least said that he didn’t feel a connection it would have been much easier to tolerate.

Natalie found herself in an on and off love triangle with dating. Every few months she would give it a go with renewed energy and motivation to meet her Mr. Right. Inevitably, after meeting a few men and having them ghost yet AGAIN, she would swear off dating and go back to focusing on work and other priorities in her life.

This love triangle was leaving her exhausted, defeated, and beyond frustrated. She had worked so hard to build an amazing life and the only other thing that she wanted was someone to share it with. The big things and the little things. She wanted the simple pleasures and a companion to take new adventures with.

So, Natalie reached out to us.

We shared this with her….

The four main reasons that men ghost are:

  • They don’t feel physical attraction or chemistry.
  • The emotional connection is missing.
  • There is an incompatibility.
  • He is not relationship ready.

If ghosting is happening to you often, sometimes it is because you are attracting the wrong kind of men.

Usually, it is because you aren’t setting yourself apart as the DISTINCTION instead of the majority.

Don’t just blend in with the sea of other women out there.

Don’t dim your light.

Ignore the random advice to hold back who you are and what you want because none of that works.

We showed Natalie how to embrace and express her authentic, distinctive, unique self and then the high caliber men started to pursue her in droves. It was LITERALLY raining men.

Now, this led to a whole new challenge of who to choose, but that’s a pretty good problem to have, right?

Can you imagine what it would be like to have amazing men in hot pursuit of you instead of being ghosted or feeling like you are the one doing all the chasing?

If you have been stuck getting ghosted for the last few weeks, months, or even years, it isn’t going to change unless you do something different.

If you need help setting yourself apart as a distinction so the kind of man you really want will pursue you, let’s chat.

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