4 Steps to End Bread Crumbing Now

We recently talked to you about The Bread Crumbing Dating Pattern and today we are going to teach you What to do when you’re stuck in this pattern.

But before we get there, if you want a quick giggle, go check out this article and pictures of this couple who have been married 37 years and dress in matching outfits everyday


Let’s refresh our memories about Bread Crumbing so we are all on the same page.

Bread crumbing is when a guy gives you little bread crumbs of attention, romance, time, energy, charm, love, and affection but that’s it.

He never fully commits to getting to know you.  To being a great partner to you.

He never is fully there for you.

On paper he may seem perfect for you.

He might be super compatible with you.

He might be your intellectual and humor soul mate.

But guess what……

There is another quality that is one of the BIGGEST factors in compatibility…

Is he compatible with your Winning Blueprint?

Your winning blueprint is the blueprint to your heart.  It is the blueprint for you to be absolutely over the moon in a relationship.

For you to feel significant, loved, and desired for by your partner.

It’s the key to unlocking your love languages.  It’s what you need to have a relationship that lasts full of love and desire.

A guy has to be both willing (make the effort) and able (compatible with you) to meet your winning blueprint.

If he isn’t compatible with your winning blueprint nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter if he comes from the same family background.

It doesn’t matter that he makes you laugh.

That you have chemistry with him or feelings for him.

It doesn’t matter how perfectly compatible with you he is on anything else.

If he is either unwilling or incapable to make the effort and step up to be compatible with your winning blueprint he isn’t a match for you.


Here are the 4 steps to deal with a Bread Crumber

1. Self-awareness – you have to first realize that you are stuck in this pattern or that you’ve been dating a pattern of bread crumbers in the past.

2. Decide – make a committed decision that you will no longer accept bread crumbing from a guy no matter what else you love about him.

3. Communicate your winning blueprint in an effective way – this is one of the most important skills we teach our clients.  It’s important to communicate your winning blueprint in a way that it is authentic to you, attractive to your ideal type of guy and repels the wrong guy for you.

4. If he steps up, makes the effort and IS a match for your winning blueprint move forward and if not cut him loose.  Bring up the courage to end it if he doesn’t step up in this way.

To truly learn how to understand your winning blueprint on a deep level and than master how to communicate it to a guy you really like book a free Single to Soul Mates Session with us.

This session isn’t for people just looking for information or one tip.  This is for people who seriously want to look inside themselves as well as at their dating strategies and make a transformation now.


The ani-bread crumbers,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn