50 Shades of Dating

Dating really has 50 shades.

Dating can be sexy and alluring…drawing you in with the promise to deliver you the DREAM you have for your love life.

Sometimes it’s dark and twisty. You don’t understand it. It’s overwhelming. It messes with your head.

Sometimes you crave it. You need a human connection. You are afraid to be without it.

Sometimes it pushes you past your comfort zone. It makes you feel things you have never felt before. It drives you wild with excitement.

Sometimes you need it. There is a comfort and certainty in the routine of swiping.

Sometimes it makes you anxious and all over the place. You get stuck in the place of waiting for someone you’re interested in to respond. Checking constantly. Obsessing about whether or not this guy will be the one.

Sometimes dating is a heartless b@st@rd.  You meet someone who has promise and it feels like a new and exciting roller coaster. Then you don’t hear from him or there isn’t a second date.  You go back into the cave, put your sweatpants back on, and feel defeated. You wonder what’s wrong with you. Why does it seem so easy for everyone else? Is this even worth the pain of starting over again?

You are exactly where you have chosen to be right now.

You might not like it, but you are ok with it.

You are holding the comforts of being there tightly.

The 50 shades of dating might keep you intrigued because of the novelty.

We got a response from a “FAN” the other day from a woman who said “I can date if I want to! Go to hell!”

She’s right.

You can certainly date if you want to.

You can hang out in the 50 shades of dating as long as you want to and we salute you if you are happy there.

We are not here to try to convince you otherwise.

If you are going to be happy if 2018 finishes up and you are still where you are now, that’s perfect.

Keep waiting and it could happen.

Personally, we HATE WAITING.  We don’t like to leave things up to chance because it means we have zero control of how, when, or even IF something that we want will actually happen.

If you want a proven system for making this happen as quickly as possible, go here and fill out a quick form so we can get started.


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn