How Ann found love in 5 weeks

We just interviewed one of our students named Ann who found love with an amazing guy in just 5 weeks in our Single to Soul Mates Live Workshop.

It almost sounds too good to be true….

Except it actually happened.

Before working with us, Ann was dating A LOT.

She was going out on lots of dates.

Trying to meet guys on Plenty of fish and eHarmony as well as offline.

She told us she wasn’t meeting any guys who were anything close to her caliber.

She wasn’t meeting guys she had chemistry with.

None who were compatible with her.

She was working hard on herself.

Reading books.

Absorbing dating advice from many sources.

She even worked with a coach for a bit.

None of it worked.

She joined our Single to Soul Mates Live Workshop and made a number of instant transformations.

The first thing she did was make her Mission Statement.  We teach our clients how to create a mission statement that will be the backbone of every action you take in dating.

She had created many lists in the past about what she was looking for…

But her Mission Statement was different…

It helped her to know EXACTLY what she needed in a MAN and in her future relationship.

She also realized what she was bringing to a relationship.

She felt it in her bones for the first time in her life.

Next, she joined Bumble and jumped back on eHarmony.

She completely changed her pictures and what she wrote about herself in her profile with our help.

She used the Mission Statement she created in the workshop to help create her profile that ATTRACTED the kind of guys she liked.

Within days, she was attracting, interacting with and going out on dates with HIGH CALIBER men who were compatible with her and who she had chemistry with.

She went out on dates with many great guys.

While on these dates she practiced sharing her Winning Blueprint.

We teach our clients how to share their winning blueprint so that they can get their needs met and screen out guys who aren’t a good match.

In the end, she got down to dating two amazing guys.

She had a new problem…

She had to choose between these two great guys.

We walked her though how to Unwrap the Present and discover who was the best match for her between the two guys she was dating.

Now she is in an exclusive relationship with Phil and she has never felt better about herself and her love life.

If you have been trying to figure the dating game out and have no results to show for it, we can help you just like Ann.

Book a Free Single to Soul Mates Session with us where we’ll talk with you personally about what is sabotaging your success in love and how we can help you find love just like Ann.

This is only for people who are serious about finding love now.  People who will TAKE ACTION and do what we say.

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