Approach Your Love Life as a Series of Sprints

We were talking with our workshop clients today about the importance of approaching dating & relationships as a SERIES OF SPRINTS.
You want to SPRINT (work hard, go on dates, interact with people on a dating site or app etc.) and take a break.
Sprint and take a break.
Sprint and take a break.
Go all out for a period of time. Invest a lot of your time and energy into finding the right person. Sprint hard. Do what’s uncomfortable. Push yourself.
Meet potential matches. Connect with them. Get to know them.
and then take a break. Totally shut down and rest.
It could be a few hours to a day or two. You don’t want to feebly take your break either. Don’t do anything related to dating or relationships. Don’t go on a date. Don’t go on the dating site or app. Completely unplug from looking for love during this time.
Then it’s time to sprint again.
Approaching your love life as a series of sprints helps you avoid burnout and be ready to do the necessary hard work to succeed.