Are you dating other people?


Are you Dating other People? – The Date to Soul Mate Show

Hey there,

We are enjoying the beautiful weather here in Sonoma, CA.  We also have great wine here toooooooo..    Yay!

We’ve been going for long walks and have a fitbit competition with some friends of ours.

Helps to offset the wine calories too.

Today we have a question from a student….

So let’s get right into shall we!

“If a man asks you out and you have another date, do you tell him?

What if he says “what id you do last night?  How forward should we be with letting him know about another date?”

Great question!

When a guy says to you “Are you dating other people?”

You say   “You don’t pour my cereal!!!! None of your business.”

Okay we don’t recommend saying that.

What do you think?

Do you think you should tell a guy you are dating other people or that you just had a date last night?

The good news is that you can answer this in many ways and have it be attractive as long as HOW you say it is attractive and congruent to who you are.

You want to make sure that HOW you answer this is in line with your values.  After that all bets are off.

You can give him a direct answer followed by a question to keep the conversation moving forward….

“I had a date last night it was a lot of fun! What did you do last night?”

You can be more evasive if that feels too direct…

“I went out with a friend it was a lot of fun” What did you do last night?”

You can be flirtatious….

“I had a date last night, it was a lot of fun so you have a lot to live up to” said with a smile.


“I had a date last night it was great. We are probably driving to vegas tonight to get married unless you steal my heart” said with a smile.

The key is to answer confidently, playfully and with no defensiveness or apology.

Both of you are probably dating other people.  That much is expected.

Don’t expect exclusivity until you both have had the exclusivity talk and agreed to be exclusive.

Until that point you have every right and SHOULD date other people.

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