Are you the scheduler?

Self-awareness is one of the key ingredients to success in love.

You have to know what’s best for you.

WHO is best for you.

You also need to know HOW you’ve sabotaged yourself in the past.

It’s not a questions of IF you’ve sabotaged yourself.

We’ve ALL sabotaged ourselves in love.

ALL of us.

Some of us have done a lot of it.

Some have done a little here and there.

Sometimes it’s not enough to end a relationship or prevent you from finding love.

Other times it’s enough to bring down even a great marriage.

The important thing is to be aware of your past patterns.

No you don’t beat yourself up for them.

You use them to help you make better choices now and in the future.

We’ve already talked to you about the Crazy Chemistry Dating Pattern and the Romantic Movie Love Dating Pattern.

Today’s pattern is The Scheduler Dating Pattern…

In the Scheduler Dating Pattern you are constantly busy.

You have many social activities.

lot’s of work to do.

Errands to run.

Workouts to do.

Restaurants to eat at.

Concerts to go to.

Friends to see.

Family commitments…..

You don’t REALLY have time for a man.  To date.

Yes you make time sometimes, but it’s hard to find a time to date you.

You are relatively happy in your life.

You don’t really want to change your life.

You’ve gotten comfortable being independent and on your own.

The problem is that your busyness gets in the way of you finding love.

Your schedule becomes an excuse not to be vulnerable.

Not to have to compromise your current life to be with someone else.

Not to have to put yourself out there only to get hurt again.

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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