Attract the Man You Want in 5 Simple Steps

Every day, we see successful, intelligent, amazing professional women go home ALONE at night.
During the day they mostly feel fine as they work through the hustle and bustle of their jobs.
But, the nights and weekends are the WORST.
They schedule themselves to the point of exhaustion to avoid thinking about how, when, or if they will ever have what they really want…a partner to share life with.
They wake up at 3 a.m FREAKING OUT with the “will I ALWAYS be dating the wrong men?” sweats.
The tightness in their chests. The sleepless nights. The constant WORRYING about what to do about the fact that they’re not sure if they’ll EVER be able to find the right man.
Will they EVER have a partner to share their life with?
Someone to do things as simple as making dinner and snuggling up to watch Netflix.
Someone to walk the dog with at night.
Someone to help them take grand adventures and fulfill all those items on their bucket list.
The REAL PROBLEM is they don’t know how to find or attract this kind of man.
The things that used to work don’t anymore!
**They AREN’T INTERESTED in almost any of the men they come across.
**Meeting a guy through work is nearly IMPOSSIBLE and fraught with all sorts of complications.
**Online dating is getting TOUGHER and TOUGHER and seems to require endlessly searching through profiles of the same guys they aren’t interested in.
**The swipe apps are more like a video game for hookups more than a way to ACTUALLY meet a great guy.
**The time and energy to meet someone available and desirable offline is IMMENSE and draining.
**The men they are interested GHOST, flake or are unavailable emotionally.
THE BOTTOM LINE? Even though there are more single men now than ever, and even though it’s easier to meet people due to the EXPLOSION of online dating……more amazing women are single and lonely than ever before.
AT THE SAME TIME… there are a small handful of women ATTRACTING THE MEN THEY WANT by breaking all the so called “rules”.
In this free training, Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn will PULL BACK THE CURTAIN and teach you the counter-intuitive steps these women are taking to Attract their IDEAL Man.
You’ll learn:
**How to CAPTURE the attention of and ATTRACT the man you really WANT and deserve…
**How to end The FOREVER SINGLE DATING Patterns that keep you stuck dating the wrong guys over and over again…
**The most important change you can make to take control of your dating life, so you are the one doing the CHOOSING instead of the CHASING…
**Why you should IGNORE ALL the random advice, tips and rules, and follow a SIMPLE SYSTEM that will lead the right guy to want to COMMIT to the REAL you…
**Why the men you want DISAPPEAR after everything seemed to be going well and what YOU can do about it…
**How to Attract a Man who will MEET YOUR NEEDS and who WANTS to COMMIT TO YOU long term…
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