Attraction and Chemistry are a lot like Motivation.

Most people wait and depend on someone or something outside of themselves to give them motivation or attraction.
That’s why motivation and attraction rarely happen and are short lived when they do occur.
Yes, some of attraction is innate and totally outside of our control.
Yet, much of attraction and chemistry for someone else starts within you.
The energy, boldness and playfulness you bring to an interaction with someone is huge.
The parts of you that you allow to come out when you’re interacting with someone make a big difference.
A lot of affairs happen because we are seduced by someone else bringing out parts of us and identities that we have put to the side.
Bring those aspects of you to the person you’re with right now.
Give yourself permission to be different right now without changing partners.
You can’t create chemistry or attraction out of nothing, but you can spark it with the right person by investing energy, by being bold, by being playful and by giving yourself permission to express different aspects of who you are.