Our son Mason is home sick from school today.
Our dogs are loving up on him right now on the couch.
It’s great to have dogs that snuggle you when you aren’t feeling good.
Sitting around got us to thinking……..
In our work with thousands of elite women, we’ve found that it can feel IMPOSSIBLE to FIND the the kind of man you want to be in a relationship with online.
You’re using these online dating site/apps and 99.99% of the men you see are WAY OFF from what you’re looking for.
No matter how much effort you put into searching through profiles or communicating with men online you almost NEVER get out on ACTUAL dates with amazing men.
The few times you DO get out on a date with an exciting guy, he flakes or just wants to “keep it casual”.
This is a big problem for busy professional women.
You don’t have time to go out 3-5 nights per week to meet the kind of man you’re looking for offline, so you know online dating is one of your best strategies to meet him.
BUT…the more you use online dating sites/apps, the more discouraged and frustrated you get with dating all together.
It honestly feels like one big waste of time and you don’t have time to waste because the other parts of your life are awesome.
We are going to help several of you AVOID all of this MADNESS by giving you a complete online profile makeover.
Our clients prove that online dating works because they are meeting the best men in the world online and it all starts with having the right profile that is magnetic to your ideal man.
The man you’re looking for IS online.
The key is to have your online profile be a MAGNET for him to see you as unique, different and someone he can’t wait to meet.
You also need to DO a few critical things to connect with him so that he will pursue you.
We are going to get together with several of you LIVE and give your online profile a complete makeover.
This LIVE workshop is happening next Thursday January 24th at 1pm Pacific.
We will get together live on video chat and you will get a recording of the workshop.
Prior to our time together you will send us screen shots of your online profiles for us to critique.
We will give you personalized recommendations on what to change and what is sabotaging your success online.
We’ve never offered our direct one-on-one help at this low of a cost and won’t likely again so you better get in while the getting is good.
Obviously we have to limit the amount of people in this live workshop because we are personally critiquing these profiles, so this workshop will sell out fast.
If you want to AVOID talking to losers and “nice guys” online and meet the man you want, comment with “I’m ready” on this post 
and we’ll send you the details to grab your spot before they’re all taken.