Bad Dating Advice – Don’t Do What She Does

Bad dating advice is everywhere.

It comes in all forms.




….family members


and today we are going to talk about bad dating advice from your FRIENDS.

It’s one of the worst kinds.

You don’t want to find yourself copying women in your life that AREN’T successful in love.

When a single friend says “You have got to try this.” Don’t listen!

Unless she has proof that this is a technique that will actually lead to the exact outcome you are pining for, ignore that suggestion and move on.

There is no greater mistake that single women make (UNINTENTIONALLY) than following what their other single friends say.

If you have followed advice from single friends in the past, no need to fret. You were just doing what you thought was best at the time.

It is not your fault and you can have power over changing it.

Think about it now…

How can someone who’s never climbed the mountain teach you to climb the mountain?

How can someone who is broke teach you to become wealthy?

In no way should you break up with your single friends.

You just don’t want to rely on them to be the solution to your love life.

They have the exact same blind spots you do.

You don’t need someone to vent to in order to change your love life.

You need someone who knows the right questions to ask.

You need someone who can see your blind spots and help you navigate around them.

You need someone who has repeatedly climbed the mountain you want to climb.

Not too long ago, someone told us that they had dating all figured out and that she and a friend were going to be accountability partners.

In theory, that sounds like a great plan.

But how can someone who is in the exact same position as you be your accountability partner?

They are going to face the same challenges, fears, doubts, and insecurities that you do.

When you hit an obstacle, they are not going to have the solution that you need to get to where you want to be.

Usually, bad dates and broken hearts lead to commiseration which ain’t good for anybody.

When things are hard, when you are feeling disheartened, and you think you may just be unlucky in love, what do you normally do?

Most people give up.

They quit.

They throw in the towel.

They tell themselves that they can’t have what they really want.

They feel like a failure.

Then, they try to go focus on another, less important, maybe even irrelevant goal to ease the pain and try to gain success and traction in another area of their life.

If you do this, you are creating a pattern of failure.

You are giving yourself the gift of a habit of quitting.

You deserve better.

When you are struggling in your love life, lean in, just like you will need to do in your eventual relationship.

Bad Dating Advice – Don’t Do What She Does

bad dating advice

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