Does big thinking beat small thinking?

For years we thought BIG.

Big goals.

Big motivation.

Big beliefs.

We were taking on the world and we trained our minds to think that way.

Michael used to compete in golf tournaments. The best of the best were competing.

He would visualize himself WINNING the big prize. He would imagine what it would be like to hold the trophy in his hands as the ultimate winner.

He came up with mantras and created beliefs about how he could WIN IT ALL.

Ashley also trained her mind to think BIG.

She wasn’t going to SETTLE for a mediocre life.

Average wasn’t a possibility in her mind.

She saw herself doing big things.

She believed she was going to help millions of people and have a BIG impact in their lives.

We’ve been told our whole lives to think big.

What have you forced your mind to focus on that’s BIG?

Here’s the problem.

When you have BIG goals, big motivation, and big thinking, your execution and contentment suffer.

That’s right.

The bigger your thinking, the more the present moment seems like a failure.

Not only that…..

The bigger your thinking THE WORSE you are at executing in the moment.

The worse you are at getting things done.

The worse your performance is (in a competitive arena).

Big thinking leads to tightness.

It creates doubt, hesitation and most of all FEAR.

Big thinking often leads us to procrastinate and to feel overwhelmed by what we’re trying to do.

Yes, you want to periodically look at the big picture and what you really want, but that shouldn’t be your day to day focus.

It is much better to think SMALL.

Most of the time you want to think about the tiniest action you can take to get some momentum.

The smallest step to take to execute effectively and get things done right now.

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Think small!

What is one small step you can take to move forward?

Break it down to the smallest present moment actions.

One conversation.

One date.

One smile.

One statement.

One breath.

Cheers and we’re rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael