Breaking free of the bread crumbers…..

We got off the phone with a client who finally broke her main forever single dating pattern.

She had been dating bread crumbers for a LONG time.

For the past two years she had dated a guy on and off who bread crumbed her the whole time.

She had given her blood, sweat and tears to this guy and got very little in return.

She was showing up day after day for this guy.

Meeting his needs.

Stepping up to his winning blueprint.

She worked on herself and grew as a person.

Still nothing coming her way from this guy.

We are celebrating her breaking this pattern once and for all.

She made peace with her choices in the past and has moved forward knowing what she is worth.

She now knows her winning blueprint (her needs).

She now knows how to communicate her winning blueprint.

She is now dating other MEN who pursue her.

Who give as well.

We are so proud of you 🙂

Dr. Michael & Dr Ashley Arn