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Bumble secrets exposed

Have you used the dating app Bumble?

Bumble is one of the hottest and most popular dating apps out there right now.

Many women are jumping on the app.

It’s similar to Tinder in that both you and a man must swipe right to be a match.

There is one big difference between bumble and other dating apps.

In bumble, the woman makes the first move.  YOU reach out first.

This is a major change for those of you who sit back and wait for men to reach out to you online.

There are pros and cons to this setup depending on your personality.

You have 24 hours to reach out to a guy once you’ve both swiped right.  If you don’t make the move in that time your connection will disappear forever.

This might be frustrating for many of you.

It is also a much needed time pressure for those of you procrastinators who tend to sit on the sidelines and second guess potential matches for too long.

Like any dating app or site the most important factor to your success is how you present yourself and communicate with potential matches.

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Bumble Secrets Exposed

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