Can You Be Friends With Your Ex or Someone You Love?

The simple answer is yes of course you can.

Men and women can be just friends, it’s rare but it can happen.

Most of us have seen a purely platonic friendship between members of the opposite sex.

We’ve also seen the heartbreak of two people trying to have a platonic friendship when one or both of them secretly wants much more than a friendship.

That’s why this is tricky.

If it doesn’t work out the downside is heartbreak, unrequited love and false hope.

When most people say they want to be “just friends” with an ex or someone they’re into they are lying to themselves.

Yes there are some valid reasons for remaining friends with an ex, but usually we want to remain friend with someone of the opposite sex for NON-Friend reasons.

The real question is “Is it in your best interest to be friends with your ex or someone you’re into?”

In today’s Date to Soul Mate Show we answer that question and get into the details of making decision to be friends or not.

can you be friends with your exitunesbooCan You Be Friends With Your Ex or Someone You Love?


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