Can’t stop the Perfection….


In our household the theme song from Troll’s plays a lot right now. Our son Mason is a huge fan.

Can’t stop the feeling…… Can’t stop the feeling…..

We usually have it stuck in our heads.

Most of us have another song stuck in our heads day in and day out.

It’ called…

Can’t stop the perfection….

We play it all day – everyday.

We strive to be perfect. In every area of our lives.

We NEED to have the perfect body.

The perfect career.

The perfect social circle.

The perfect place to live.

The perfect life…..

You’ve been told many times over that you need to have the perfect life and BE the perfect woman to attract the right man.

The media has made you feel terrible about yourself forever.

You can’t just be the best you at this moment.

You have to strive for perfection.

We often believe we have to be perfect BEFORE we can find the right person to love.

This leads us to WAIT and to blame our lack of perfection for being single.

NONE of this is true and striving for perfection PREVENTS you from finding lasting love.

You don’t need to be perfect to attract the right man. In fact you definitely shouldn’t strive for perfection.

The better strategy?

Get momentum in the important areas of your life.

You don’t need to be at the perfect end result of your health, fitness, looks, finances, career, friendships or anything else.

What you need is momentum.

Start moving toward what you want in the important areas.

Just start where you are now and take consistent tiny steps forward.

That MOMENTUM will attract the guy who is right for you.

That momentum is sexy.

The energy and vibes you give off when you have momentum is contagious, especially to men.

So don’t wait for perfection.

Momentum not perfection


Done is better than perfect.

If you want to get guaranteed momentum in finding love with your forever man book a free Single to Soul Mates session with us.

We will uncover where you are stuck and the quickest and simplest path for you to get momentum in your love life.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn