Cast a Witches Spell on all Desirable Men

Learn how using a simple Halloween strategy can have a successful man wildly attracted to you.

Hey it’s Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael coming your way before we scour our little wine country town for candy with our son Mason.

Believe it or not he has TWO costumes.  We went to a local thrift store to try and find tennis rackets about a month ago and randomly found two AWESOME Halloween costumes for just $6 total.

What a steal.

So he’s going to choose if he’s going to be Captain America or the red Power Ranger tonight.

Are you dressing up today?

This got us thinking….

What makes you love Halloween so much?

Is it the candy?  YES

Is it being scared?  Yes for some of you 😊

Is it the costumes?  Yes and there’s a deeper lesson here that can help you attract and connect with a man.

You see, one of the biggest reasons we love Halloween is that we allow ourselves to break out of our normal roles of thinking, feeling and acting.

You allow yourself to act like a ghost.

To act like a southerner?

To act like a crazy person?

To act like a superhero?

To act sexier than normal.

And being able to do this on any other day is a big secret to you attracting and connecting with an elite man.

How can you break out of the normal prescribed roles you normally live in day to day?

How can you help a man break out of the normal roles he’s living in each day?

When you can break out of your normal roles and in turn help a man break out if his roles, you have a superpower when it comes to dating.

It’s a same reason people love going to Las Vegas.  You give yourself permission to be a little naughtier in Vegas.  To be a little different than you normally are.

So let’s start today.  Break out of your comfort zone and inhabit a role that’s slightly different than normal.

Do it again tomorrow and the next day.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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