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Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship

Mailbag Question: Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship   I moved to Texas with the intention of working there for a year, maybe more. Within the first three months I met a man and we hit it off from the start. He was everything I had ever wanted in a man in terms of personality and morals. We got to the stage of deciding whether to take things to the next level (boyfriend and girlfriend). This was before I went…

How to Get Your Partner’s Undivided Attention Today

Today you are going to learn how to get your partner focused on YOU. Yes, that’s right…… I know it sounds impossible but just keep reading and you can believe us later Now, we are going to share with you part of Section: 8 Spotlight Texts – Getting Your Partner’s Undivided Attention from the Passionate Communication Program If you have been with your partner for some time, you probably text about who is going to pick up the groceries on…

3 Ways to Stop Fighting in a Relationship

Learn 3 Ways to Stop Fighting in a Relationship and make your relationship better instantly. Are you and your partner stuck constantly fighting? Crucial Habits for relationship success

How to Have Charisma and Attract Your Perfect Mate

How to have charisma and Attract Your Perfect Mate. Have others feel so connected and close to you that they can’t help but like you. If you’re in the dating world, attract people that are worthy of you. If you’re in a relationship, feel attraction, love and deep connection

What your Emotional Fitness says about Your Relationships

Conditioning your emotional fitness is the most crucial habit necessary to improving your relationships. That means figuring out how to communicate to yourself and others about what is happening in your life in ways that are empowering.