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Flooding Yourself with Negative thoughts and Bad Memories of Your Partner

  We are major Foodies. We love talking about, preparing and eating FOOD. Ashley is an amazing cook and loves the process of cooking just as much as savoring the end result. She reads books, magazine and blogs on cooking FOR FUN.   Don’t even get her started on homemade baby food…….she could spend hours making it!   Michael feels like he hit the jackpot because his wife, mother and mother in-law are all great cooks. He can cook too,…

Giving up on Love? Discover One of the Most Destructive Habits for Your Love Life

  She walked in very slowly. Her shoulders were slumped down and she avoided eye contact with everyone. The way she felt made her look 10 years old than her actual age. Her husband of 5 years was trailing behind her looking like he was walking into a sex shop or something. Like he didn’t want anyone to see or recognize him here.   She sat down and after about one hour into the presentation she raised her hand and…

Relationship Problems? The #1 Thing You Can Do to Rescue Your Relationship

  We know a couple. Jack and Debbie. Jack is a Pediatrician and Debbie is a high level executive for a computer company. On paper they are a perfect match. They’re both attractive…..smart… successful…. And have pretty much the same values. They’re the kind of couple you look at and get jealous of because they seem like Ken and Barbie.   They also have two kids 2 year old Dakota and 4 year old Huntington. They’re so cute you almost…

The Work Wife – The Explosion of Cheating and Sex At Work

  The Work Wife – the Explosion of Cheating and Sex at Work   You wouldn’t believe the stories we’ve heard of cheating in relationships being relationship experts and talking to lots of people about their relationship problems.   Cheating and sex at work are so common that there are even new terms to describe what’s happening….   WORK WIFE or WORK HUSBAND   That’s right, after all the effort it took to get some caveman to commit to you,…

Marriage Breakdown 101: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  Famed Psychologist and Marriage Researcher Dr. John Gottman has identified 4 communication behaviors that are signs of a marriage breakdown.   Dr. Gottman named these behaviors The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Before you start thinking your relationship is doomed or you’re headed for a marriage breakdown, these behaviors are often reversible.   The first step is being aware that you and your partner are engaging in these destructive behaviors. Also, all couples use these behaviors at times, but…

Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship

Mailbag Question: Dealing with a Long Distance Relationship   I moved to Texas with the intention of working there for a year, maybe more. Within the first three months I met a man and we hit it off from the start. He was everything I had ever wanted in a man in terms of personality and morals. We got to the stage of deciding whether to take things to the next level (boyfriend and girlfriend). This was before I went…

Relationships Suck….Sometimes

  Relationships suck sometimes. That’s right. We said it. Relationships suck sometimes.   Whether you’ve been cheated on or you’ve been dumped by the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. It sucks.   Maybe, you’ve been in a long-term relationship or you’re married and things were good at first but have just slowly dwindled down to nothing; no passion, little love – just sort of roommates passing by as the days go…

How to Get Your Partner’s Undivided Attention Today

Today you are going to learn how to get your partner focused on YOU. Yes, that’s right…… I know it sounds impossible but just keep reading and you can believe us later Now, we are going to share with you part of Section: 8 Spotlight Texts – Getting Your Partner’s Undivided Attention from the Passionate Communication Program If you have been with your partner for some time, you probably text about who is going to pick up the groceries on…

3 Ways to Stop Fighting in a Relationship

Learn 3 Ways to Stop Fighting in a Relationship and make your relationship better instantly. Are you and your partner stuck constantly fighting? Crucial Habits for relationship success

Make Your Marriage Work By Using Pain as a Weapon for Good

Learn how to make your marriage work by using pain to help you get unstuck and through any relationship challenges. Create a simple habit to make your marriage work and improve the quality of your relationship. Free Relationship Advice!

What your Emotional Fitness says about Your Relationships

Conditioning your emotional fitness is the most crucial habit necessary to improving your relationships. That means figuring out how to communicate to yourself and others about what is happening in your life in ways that are empowering.
How to Have More Confidence by Sharing Your Weirdness

How to Have More Confidence by Sharing Your Weirdness

If you want to truly have more confidence, connect with someone and create real relationships learn how to start sharing your weirdness. Relationship Advice - Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationships

Understanding Emotions Made Simple and Easy

Understanding emotions made simple and easy. No pompous, hard to comprehend academic jargon here. Relationship Advice: Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationship!

How to Increase Happiness with 4 Simple Steps!

If you’re searching for how to increase happiness, look no further and focus on these 4 simple steps. Most of us are unhappy, overworked, overwhelmed and have failing relationships. Relationship Advice: Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationship!