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There’s a Douche Bag Blocking My Path

  This Douche Bag situation is critical to your love life.   We went out for a walk with our son Mason in the morning. He loves walking.   He also loves attention from the ladies young and old on our walks.   He is fascinated by the street performers on the promenade. Although “Pink Man” scares him silly. As we were leaving, one of our neighbors was frantically pacing back and forth by our driveway. We stopped to see…

Ashley’s Big Toe vs. A Marinara Sauce Jar

OOOOOOHHHHHH NNNOOOOOOOOOO   Michael heard a frightening scream and loud crying from the kitchen.   He was instantly hit with an intense fear. The kind of fear that stops your heart. Makes you hyper alert. The kind you only feel when you’re worried for your life.   Or for the life of someone you love.   Michael ran into the kitchen. Ashley was bent over crying. Our son Mason was sitting on the kitchen counter looking frightened.   Ashely was…

The Psychology of Love and Relationships: Why You Should Say Yes to Love

What is your relationship to creating lasting love in your life? Do you have a yes attitude or a no attitude? These are important questions to ask yourself, because your answers will make or break your dating/relationship success. It could be the reason you’ve been doing everything you can think of to find lasting love but nothing has worked. Your answers are related to the psychology of love and relationships. Initially, most of our clients have a no attitude toward…

Dating Coach for Women: The difference between feeling stuck for years and success

  What do Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and Lindsey Vonn all have that you probably don’t? No not fame and millions of dollars. It’s something that helped them be ultra-successful. It’s something that almost all top performers and people who excel at any area of their life have. But weirdly, most other people think they don’t need one. It’s a coach. That’s right almost all people who are happy and successful in something whether that’s fitness, personal wealth, business, parenting,…

How to Give a Romantic Massage to Your Lover

  Have you ever had an insanely busy, tense day where all you want to do is come home and melt into your partner’s arms or go straight to the spa for a massage?  You might even be thinking “HELLO! I feel that way every day!”   When we started our work with couples, we very quickly learned that there is nothing worse than when both partners are stressed out physically and emotionally.   Most of us have endless to do…
How to Have More Confidence by Sharing Your Weirdness

How to Have More Confidence by Sharing Your Weirdness

If you want to truly have more confidence, connect with someone and create real relationships learn how to start sharing your weirdness. Relationship Advice - Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationships

Understanding Emotions Made Simple and Easy

Understanding emotions made simple and easy. No pompous, hard to comprehend academic jargon here. Relationship Advice: Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationship!

How to Increase Happiness with 4 Simple Steps!

If you’re searching for how to increase happiness, look no further and focus on these 4 simple steps. Most of us are unhappy, overworked, overwhelmed and have failing relationships. Relationship Advice: Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationship!