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How To Balance Work and Life

  Bill and Sally are a couple. They are very busy and they also have kids. They both work and have high level jobs with lots of responsibility. Almost everyday Bill and Sally make each other a priority.     They connect with a minute here, a couple minutes there. They make each other a priority by being fully present when they are spending time together. They turn off all their media and they spend time together for a small,…

Relationship Problems? The #1 Thing You Can Do to Rescue Your Relationship

  We know a couple. Jack and Debbie. Jack is a Pediatrician and Debbie is a high level executive for a computer company. On paper they are a perfect match. They’re both attractive…… successful…. And have pretty much the same values. They’re the kind of couple you look at and get jealous of because they seem like Ken and Barbie.   They also have two kids 2 year old Dakota and 4 year old Huntington. They’re so cute you almost…

The Work Wife – The Explosion of Cheating and Sex At Work

  The Work Wife – the Explosion of Cheating and Sex at Work   You wouldn’t believe the stories we’ve heard of cheating in relationships being relationship experts and talking to lots of people about their relationship problems.   Cheating and sex at work are so common that there are even new terms to describe what’s happening….   WORK WIFE or WORK HUSBAND   That’s right, after all the effort it took to get some caveman to commit to you,…

Where the Hell Are You….In Your Love Life

  We love San Francisco. We love going there for weekend romantic getaways. In fact, our favorite Italian restaurant in the whole world is there, Franchino’s. It’s the kind of restaurant where it feels like your mother is doing the cooking, only its a version of your mother that is an even better cook. It’s run by an Italian family. The father is the host and runs the front end of the restaurant (every day is his birthday apparently), the…

How to Spend Quality Time Together!

You can improve your marriage or relationship by changing one thing; spending quality time together.  You might be saying duh! Obviously we know spending quality time together will make our relationship better.  I know it’s simple and obvious, but that doesn’t mean we know how to do it. That’s a completely different story.   Also, many professionals I work with believe they have a quantity of time issue in their marriage. They believe there isn’t enough time in the day…

How to Change Your Relationship in Only 2 Minutes Each Day

How to change your relationship with small comfortable change aimed at continuing improvement. Changes that seem laughably and embarrassingly easy often lead to massive change that can be maintained in the long run. Relationship Advice - Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationships

How to Increase Happiness with 4 Simple Steps!

If you’re searching for how to increase happiness, look no further and focus on these 4 simple steps. Most of us are unhappy, overworked, overwhelmed and have failing relationships. Relationship Advice: Teaching you Crucial Habits for Successful Relationship!