The Work Wife – The Explosion of Cheating and Sex At Work


The Work Wife – the Explosion of Cheating and Sex at Work


You wouldn’t believe the stories we’ve heard of cheating in relationships being relationship experts and talking to lots of people about their relationship problems.


Cheating and sex at work are so common that there are even new terms to describe what’s happening….




That’s right, after all the effort it took to get some caveman to commit to you, you now have to worry about him having a work wife.


A work wife is someone who takes your WIFEY job during business hours. She flirts with your man, she strokes his ego, makes him feel attractive, lets him vent about the boss, listens to him about his mean in-laws (that’s your parents by the way) and usually fulfills every SEXUAL FANTASY he’s ever had.


You see she only has to deal with him during the day, she doesn’t have to cleanup his damn razor hair that gets all over the bathroom or be around him after eating baked beans when he farts every two seconds, so she has a lot more energy and enthusiasm for sex.


Now you could either hire a private investigator to track your man’s every move (which we don’t suggest) or you could utilize our proven Psychological Communication strategies to skyrocket your partner’s love and attraction for you.


Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn