Commitment Issues – Is MAN-ogamy possible or a ridiculous expectation?

Do you  believe men or a man you’re dating has commitment issues?  Is MAN-ogamy even something that is possible or desirable?

Can a man really commit to monogamy in this day and age?

A big challenge with online dating today is that people are no longer just dating ONE person when they meet.

There is no denying that this is the way that dating is today, regardless of whether you are meeting people online or offline.

So, should you just give up on monogamy?

Is it unrealistic to think that you can meet someone who wants to only be with you?

It may be cooler to be all flexible and act like you are ok with being in the gray zone, but is that what would really make you happy?

Can we love one person only for our entire lives?

What if we change and evolve?

You have probably thought about these questions and many more.

There is a lot of stuff out there telling us to be open minded and to view monogamy as outdated.

Here’s our perspective.

Monogamy is completely possible if you do a few key things.

Solving Commitment Issues

commitment issues

The first is to make a conscious choice in a compatible partner.

If you choose any Joe Schmoe off the street, it likely won’t last.

The key elements that you need to make a relationship successful long term just won’t be there.

A relationship needs a very solid foundation rooted in compatibility, connection, commitment, and chemistry (knew you were waiting for that one!).

When you are certain that you have high levels of these things, you have made a conscious choice in a compatible partner.

After that, the second step is to choose love.

There is always going to be some shiny object out there.

As you go throughout life in this un-man-ogomous world, you will come in contact with lots of men.

These men may seem handsome, tasty, or even intriguing.

At any moment you can allow yourself to be swept up by the novelty and excitement of a new man.


You can choose love.

You can lean in when times are hard with your person.

You can choose to keep things spicy.

You can choose to fall more in love with your partner.

We have to see the other person as a whole being who has strengths and flaws just like every other human being, including yourself.

We have to know that the grass always seems greener on the other side, but it’s really not.

If you just move on to the next guy, the same challenges will eventually be there also.

Above all, why would you want to have to share your man?

Do you think man-ogomy is possible or a ridiculous and outdated concept?

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Ashley & Michael

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