Common Relationship Problems – We had a 2 Hour lip boxing Fight

common relationship problems

Common Relationship Problems & Challenges

What are common relationship problems and challenges?

Are they normal?

Are they a sign you are with the wrong person or that you need to fix something?

Over the weekend we did all sorts of fun things.

Our son, Mason, had Friday through Monday off and we took advantage.

We spent quality time together as a family.  We broke bread with friends.  We laughed a lot.

We also had a lip boxing fight that lasted for 2 hours.

The gloves were off and emotions were running high.

You see, Mason has grown into a new stage of development.

Over all he is doing great, but he has new ways of pushing the boundaries and testing us as parents.

The brutal truth is that we haven’t up leveled to his new behaviors yet.  We haven’t grown with him.

The frustration was palpable and growing with every tiny incident.

The real problem had nothing to do with Mason and everything to do with how we were each individually responding to the situation.

Michael was getting more impatient by the minute.

Ashley was worried about what was happening and was thrown off by Michael’s increasing impatience.

It was a like a boiling pot of palpable emotions on the verge of spilling over.

It finally spilled over and when Mason went to bed we started arguing about what we were doing.

Michael thought Ashley was TOTALLY WRONG and DEFIANTLY blamed her for parts of the problem.

Ashley was UPSET that Michael was acting IMMATURE and had lost all compassion or warmth.

We went at it for what seemed like forever.

Honestly, Michael just wanted to end the conversation and avoid the whole situation (that’s one of his old patterns).

Ashley wanted to keep going at it until she won the argument (that’s one of her old patterns).

Eventually we calmed down.  We continued communicating even though it sucked.  Neither of us wanted to.  It felt stupid.  It felt pointless.  But we did it anyway.

We were mad, hurt, disappointed, and everything in between.

We didn’t come to some flowery, “let’s put a bow on it” conclusion that made everyone feel better.

We did both take responsibility for ourselves and each of our parts in both our parenting and in our argument.

We did both decide that we needed to rise up to this new parenting level together and that we both had to adjust to make it work.

Whether you are single or in a relationship you are going to have challenges and problems to overcome that are right in front of you.

Even when you have a great relationship like we do, you will routinely face problems.

It is the solving of these problems that takes you to the next level of happiness and love.

You never get rid of the problems, you simply up level them.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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