Communicate with Confidence – It only takes one……?

Why is it so important to communicate with confidence? Today we’ll show you why communicating confidently and being proactive in connecting with others is so important.

You are only one interaction away from getting anything you want in life, you just don’t know which interaction it will be.

Ever since she turned 30 years old, people around her treated her love life different.

Before they would tell her “I envy your freedom and independence”.

Now friends, family members and even co-workers were asking her if she was “Okay” and were assuming she was sad and lonely.

She couldn’t believe the condescending and rude assumptions many of those closest to her made about her situation.

She was single and happy about it.

She loved her life.

Why would people who cared so much for her still have such outdated beliefs about where a woman should be in her 30’s?

When she was 34 she went to a class for fun called “How to Be a People Magnet”.

It had nothing to do with dating, but it was about connecting with others in general.

She went to improve her people skills.  She wanted to be able to communicate effectively and really impact others both socially and in work settings.

In the class they learned how to give a great handshake, the best body language to use when talking to someone and how to approach people in social settings without seeming awkward.

They learned how to communicate with confidence.

She noticed a guy in the class who she thought was attractive.

She had secretly hoped he would talk to her.

It never happened.

He was at the class with some friends and their paths never crossed.

Fortunately, fate and her newfound social skills intervened.

On her way home from the class, she stopped at a bookstore and the guy from the class was also there.

Normally, she wouldn’t initiate a conversation with a strange, random guy that she found attractive.

But, this time she did.  She had just learned how to communicate with confidence in the class.

She walked over to him and said “Are you out here practicing what we learned today?”

With that one statement to an attractive stranger, she changed the rest of her life.

They went on to date and fall in love.

Fourteen years of marriage and one amazing daughter later she says, “he is still my true love”.

She is proud that she loved her life before finding her guy and she has loved her life since that time.

She didn’t NEED her husband and yet she WANTED to create a life with him and ended up truly valuing everything they brought to each other’s lives.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn