The compatibility yoda speaketh….

Would you know with CERTAINTY whether the person you’re with is the one for you long term or not?

99% of people in the world would have no clue.

We definitely didn’t know years ago.

We had no clue about REAL compatibility.

Even though we were Psychologists and had done research into couples and thousands of hours of therapy and coaching with people.

We had read hundreds of books on dating, love and relationships.

Many research journals.

Still we didn’t know.

The worst part is we didn’t know that we didn’t know.

Even though we had more knowledge about dating and relationships than almost anyone, we didn’t yet have the insider knowledge about long term compatibility.

Why is that?

How could Psychologists who were immersed in the world of love not know the true inner workings of compatibility?

Because almost nobody on the planet has a true deep understanding of compatibility.

Yes, people talk about the importance of lifestyle, location, age range, goals etc.

Even the so called gooroo’s out there only focus on superficial compatibility.

The problem with that is when you focus on superficial qualities you get a superficial relationship and that ain’t good.

We got smacked with a massive dose of self-awareness when we worked with the YODA of compatibility Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

Yes, that guy.

The Founder of eHarmony. The guy you’ve seen on commercials for years.

When we met him, we finally realized that we knew nothing about compatibility up until that point.
compatibility yoda

You see Dr. Warren had studied what makes a couple truly compatible on a deep level for 50 years.

He discovered what enabled some couples to have a happy and passionate relationship for a lifetime.

He discovered these compatibility secrets by doing counseling with thousands of people and by conducting his own research on millions of people about what matters and what doesn’t matter when it comes to lasting love

We worked with Dr. Warren for several years and studied at the feet of the compatibility yoda. (although he didn’t use a yoda voice, would’ve been great if he did)

He was kind enough to share his 50 years of wisdom with us.

Ever since that time, we’ve been teaching these compatibility secrets to our clients. We call it the Never Settle Solution and it is the surest way to have CERTAINTY you’re with the right person for you.

If you want access to our Never Settle Solution and to over 50 years of wisdom from the compatibility yoda himself, jump on a free Single to Soul Mates Session with us.

We will identify where you’re stuck and how you can move forward. How you can finally find the RIGHT person for you.

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