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The crazy chemistry dating pattern

How is your week going?

We’ve been killing it despite Michael and Mason both being sickos this week.  We’ve been doing some amazing work with our students in our Live Workshop and in Single to Soul Mates University.

The insights and transformations we’ve been seeing are inspirational.

When you work with thousands of clients you observe certain patterns.

Some are success patterns…

Others are what we call forever single dating patterns…

Many of the clients we work with come to us and are doing a gang of things that are sabotaging their success in love.

The problem is they have no clue what these patterns are.


They can see and feel the results (being single and frustrated with dating), but don’t know what is getting in their way.

It’s enough to drive you nutzo…

One of the most frustrating things in life is to KNOW something is wrong but not know WHAT it is or what to do about it.

Let’s talk about one of these forever single dating patterns today…

1. The Crazy Chemistry Dating Pattern

In this pattern, you use chemistry as the main factor in your decision making process about who you’ll date and who you won’t.

If you have chemistry with someone, you date them and forget about compatibility or how he is treating you.

If you don’t have instant chemistry you move on.

The only problem is you ALWAYS lose that initial chemistry so you never end up in a relationship with the right guy for you.

You might even find yourself dating narcissists, fixer-uppers and commitment phobes when you value chemistry so much.

You don’t have an effective decision making process about who’s a good match for you.  Even if you do have “THE LIST” of qualities a guy must have, they go right out the window when you feel massive chemistry with a guy.

Even if you have the self-awareness to UNDERSTAND you do The Crazy Chemistry Dating Pattern, it is hard to break this pattern without help.

Why is it so hard?

Because chemistry is a POWERFUL feeling.  It pulls you in.  It seduces you.  It leads you to ignore all logical and rationality.

If you’ve ever said something completely different to who you are to someone you have chemistry with you know what we’re talking about.

If you want the best help in the world when it comes to dating, love and relationships you are in the right place.  No, we can’t help you with everything.  We are experts in one small area and we’ve been obsessed with dating for decades.

Most other things we suck at.

To talk with us personally book a Free Single to Soul Mates Session with us, where we’ll identify YOUR dating patterns and give you a blueprint for HOW you can move on and up into the kind of relationship you want and deserve.

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