Dating Advice – What is Your Plan?

The best dating advice we can give you is to have a plan.

Most people don’t have a plan when it comes to their love life.

We act weird in our love lives. We don’t plan anything.

We don’t want to plan how to meet the right person.

We don’t believe we need a plan.

People have probably told you for years that “It’ll happen when it’s right.”

But in what other area of our life do we use this same kind of MAGICAL THINKING.

We never say “I want to be a successful Doctor or Lawyer and I’m just going to live my life and it’ll happen when it’s right.”

No we go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN with a PLAN.

You might have a perfect man list. You know that list you have of all the qualities you want in a guy.

Most of us have created that list at one point or another.

But that’s NOT A PLAN.

That doesn’t say HOW you are going to FIND & ATTRACT this guy on your list.

The most important thing is not your perfect man list but YOUR PLAN for HOW you are going to meet him.

Check out our latest Date to Soul Mate Show where we rap about PLANNING in your love life.

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