Dating and Social Media – The social media scandal haunting your love life

Do dating and social media conflict with each other?  Today we talk about how social media can significantly help or hurt your chances in meeting the right guy for you.

Let’s be real…when you swipe online, if there is someone you’re interested in, do you try to creep on their social media accounts?

Of course.

Who wouldn’t?

All that is talked about in the media today is who “liked”, “poked” or “unfollowed” who on social media.

Have you ever had an amazing back and forth with someone you were excited about only to have it end yet again in a ghosting situation?

Even worse, have you gone on a first, second, or third date with someone that seemed to go very well only to never hear from them again despite making plans with you to get together again?

Your social media is probably to blame.

How Dating and Social Media Can Sabotage You

Happens all the time.

We are in a world where our lives are on display for everyone.

Anything we post is now documented in our history and could at some point in time be used against us.

You are probably sitting there thinking to yourself, “Wait. I don’t post anything bad at all.”

That’s what you think, but that’s not likely reality.

Is your account private?

Even IF it is, people can still see certain info about you.

We have had many clients who were unknowingly blocking themselves from meeting the right person because of what they were posting on their social media accounts.

It could be your photos.

It could be your rants.

It could be something so minuscule that you would never think in a million years it would turn people away.

Making your love life a priority is a mission.

That might sound dramatic but what most people don’t understand is that finding the right person to share your life with isn’t about ONE SEXY TACTIC.

It isn’t about learning how to flirt or becoming a sexy siren.


It’s ALL about YOU.

It’s about your values, your hopes and dreams, and most importantly how you communicate those things as you go out each day in the world and how you represent yourself in social media.

Do you know with 100% certainty that what your posting on social media isn’t a MAJOR turnoff (even if unintentional) to the kind of guy you’re looking for?

Having a clear mission for your love life is a HUGE determinant of whether or not you will meet the right man.

If you don’t have a mission yet, no need to fret. We have you covered.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn