Dating Coach for Women: The difference between feeling stuck for years and success


What do Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and Lindsey Vonn all have that you probably don’t?

No not fame and millions of dollars. It’s something that helped them be ultra-successful. It’s something that almost all top performers and people who excel at any area of their life have. But weirdly, most other people think they don’t need one.

It’s a coach.

That’s right almost all people who are happy and successful in something whether that’s fitness, personal wealth, business, parenting, great style or love and relationships get help from a coach or mentor.

Yet most of us scoff at hiring a coach or investing in ourselves.

One woman said to us “Sure they can have a coach because they’re successful and have money!!!”

But she’s got it all wrong. It’s actually the opposite.


They are successful and have money because they have a coach not the other way around.


The best coaches in the world can help you faster than anything else. They’ve worked with lots of clients trying to do the very same thing you want to do, so they know what obstacles and challenges to help you with. They can often quickly recommend minor changes in strategies or mindset that get you results fast.


Think about how a coach could help you in an area of your life that you’ve been stuck in for months or even years. Here are some examples:


Cooking coach: Always wanted to get your inner Martha Stewart on but don’t know where to start or where to find the time. A Cooking coach can get you on the fast track to cooking like a pro in no time.

Language coach: Want to learn French and flirt with all the Frenchmen in Paris. Hire a language coach and you could be there in no time.

LSAT Coach: Have you dreamt of going to law school but have been procrastinating for 5 years. Get an LSAT coach and end your procrastination.

Stylist: A little help from a stylist can transform your overall look more than anything else. A couple of great recommendations on your hair or how clothes fit on your body can make a dramatic difference.

Dating & Relationship Coach: Felt stuck in your love life for quite some time? A dating and relationship coach can help you overcome any obstacles that are sabotaging your success in love. There is no other area in your life more important to your overall happiness than your love life.

Personal trainer: This one is obvious. If you want to get in shape there is nothing better than being accountable to a personal trainer.

Business coach: Always wanted to make money for yourself and not your bosses. Hiring a business coach can help you start your own business or skyrocket your existing business today instead of putting it off until tomorrow.


Now stop for a second and notice if you are getting defensive or have any objections to you personally using a coach for some area of your life.

You might be thinking….

“I see the benefit but now is not the right time for me”

“I can’t afford a coach”

“What will other people think if they found out I hired a coach?”

“I’ll feel guilty for spending a good chunk of money on a coach”


Notice these are all excuses and powerful invisible beliefs that could be sabotaging your progress or success in your life.

Hiring a coach to help you master an area of your life is an investment in yourself and in your future happiness and success. It is one of the best investments you can make.

One of the best things you can do is to be willing to invest in yourself. Know that there are is someone that has seen your problem many times and can help you solve it right now.


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Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn