Dating During the Holidays – Why You Should NOT WAIT until the New Year to Date

To date or not to date during the holidays that is the question.

We emphatically say DO IT if you really want to meet someone.

This is a great time of year to date for a number of reasons, which we talk about in todays Date to Soul Mate Show.

Don’t let your brain come up with all sorts of noble obstacles (excuses) why now isn’t a good time.

Don’t rationalize why you aren’t ready yet or that you need to do XYZ before you can meet someone.

Those are all noble obstacles your brain is using to give you respectable excuses to stay in your comfort zone.  To not have to do something different.

Call BS on them, because they are toxic to you living the life you want.

The holidays are an amazing time to do something different and meet the right person.

dating during the holidaysitunesbooDating During the Holidays

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