Dating narcissists, players and fixer uppers?

Many are making the mistake of putting SELECTION before ATTRACTION.

To be effective in dating, Attraction comes BEFORE Selection.

You must be a magnet to the kind of man you want (you’ll also attract a lot of men you don’t want in this phase which is okay).

Once your ATTRACTION has men pursuing you it’s time for harsh SELECTION.

Both are important but the order in which you do them is critical.

If you are pushing men away, have your walls up or are looking for what’s wrong with them first it won’t work.

If you put selection before attraction all you do is push away the great men who could be right for you and only the narcissists, players and fixer uppers are left dating you.

Put Attraction FIRST knowing that you are going to SCREEN and SELECT for who’s right for you right after.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn