Years ago, when we did in person therapy with people, we learned something simple yet profound.

You see, we had an office and our clients would come and talk to us in the traditional therapisty manner.

They would sit on our couch and we’d talk about their issues.

The prevailing wisdom was you NEEDED to take MASSIVE ACTION to get over any problems or succeed in an area.

All the gurus were touting this massive action credo.

They still do today.

Our clients would come to the first session with us DISCOURAGED because they were trying this massive action strategy and were FAILING.

We quickly discovered that for 99% of people this massive action strategy doesn’t work.

It led to people feeling…
stressed out
–like a constant failure
–like they were always coming up short of what they “should” be doing

But, as you know on TEAM ARN we zig when others zag. We get RESULTS.

In helping our clients solve these issues, we stumbled upon ancient wisdom about how people ACTUALLY succeed and lived a content life.

The key is to take tiny actions in the direction of what you want.

Don’t take massive action.

Don’t build yourself up into a tightly wound ball of stress, anxiety and worry.

Simply identify one tiny step you can take TODAY that will move you closer to your meaningful goals.

You want this action to be so small that it seems almost silly.

This is important because it bypasses all the natural resistance and negative emotional patterns we have wrapped up in doing big things.

Yes, you want to focus on getting momentum in the big important areas of your life.

But, the way to do that is through tiny actions TODAY.

The other key is to take this tiny step today, not tomorrow or next week.

Don’t wait for the perfect time (it never comes).

This is how all of us on TEAM ARN are living extraordinary lives without feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

This is how our VIP clients are getting crazy good results while cutting out many of the things they were doing before.

So, what is one tiny action you can take today to move closer to meeting the man you want and having the relationship you deserve?

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn