Does Online Dating Work?

If you’re a mature, successful person it can be pretty hard to meet someone.

Maybe you could join a club, play on a sports team, or hang out at Starbuck’s or the grocery store all day hoping your soul mate will find you.

Some people do find love that way!

What do you do if you want to be proactive about finding the person that’s perfect for you and not just settling for the first person who “isn’t that bad”?

We think online dating is one of the best ways for professionals to date and ultimately find a lifelong lover.

People have many theories about how online dating isn’t “real dating”. I get a lot of people asking me does online dating work.

But Does Online Dating Work?

We’re sure you’ve heard the horror stories of online dating disasters. People using pictures from twenty years ago and people lying about what they do or who they really are.

You go to meet 33 year old James who works as an accountant, enjoys going to the gym and spends weekends mentoring troubled teens….only to find out he is actually Larry, a 52 year old “online poker player” who just got his 3rd DUI and has never paid child support to his ex-wife.

Do these stories actually happen?

Sure, sometimes you go out with someone you meet online and it ends up being a terrible night.

Have you ever went out on a bad date with someone you met offline?

We know we have! It happens all the time. You meet someone at your gym, at the grocery store or through friends. You go out and it turns out to be a disaster.

Yes there are liars, jerks, cheaters, bores, and people completely wrong for you in the online dating world. But guess what? They’re in the real world too and you have to weed through them one way or another if you want to find the perfect person for you.

Why Online Dating is Great

Online dating is great because it provides you with an abundance of opportunities to meet potential mates.

In the online world, you have an advantage because you can specify what type of person you’re looking for. You can quickly, and usually painlessly, disqualify people who aren’t right for you.

Sorting functions, profiles, pre-screening, and even personality tests make it easier for you to avoid people who wouldn’t be right for you and focus on the people who do meet your criteria.

Also, it is much easier and less anxiety producing to start chatting with someone through instant message or email. Often, you’ll find it easier to be the real “you” than when meeting someone for a first date.

You can ask a lot of the questions and find out a lot of the answers you’re looking for without the possible emotional consequences or risks of rejection.

Does online dating work all the time?

No, it won’t and you may have to go on a few bad dates.

We believe it’s worth it if you’re eventually able to meet someone and have an amazing lover and best friend for the rest of your life. Whether you date online or not, you will have to kiss a couple of frogs.

Online dating is a great opportunity for you to be proactive in your dating life.  We know you don’t want to settle in this area of your life. You’re smart, ambitious and want to the best in life!  Online dating is one way to help you get there.



Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn