Donald vs. Hillary Debate #1 tonight

The event is finally here. The Donald vs. Hillary. The first debate is tonight and some are predicting 100 million of us will be watching. That sounds crazy. Are you going to be watching?
In any debate what you say isn’t as important as how you present and express yourself.
In 2000, Al Gore supposedly had a good debate performance based on is the content of his words. He absolutely got killed though by W. in how he expressed himself. Gore came off as condescending, lecturing and not likable. He sighed constantly throughout the debate and couldn’t hide his disdain for Bush.
He lost the non-verbal game of the debate.
Bill Clinton was a master of the non-verbal aspects of how he expressed himself during debates. He crushed Bush Senior and Bob Dole in their debates due to the ease in which he connected with people. His ability to exude warmth, charm, assertiveness and authority was attractive. It almost didn’t matter what he said.
Now some of Donald Trump’s supporters are drawn to him based on how he expresses himself. Not so much by the content of what he says but by how he says it. Hillary often draws support by what she says and one of her supposed weaknesses is in how she expresses herself.
We will see tonight who wins the non-verbal expression game. No matter what it will be interesting to watch.
How YOU express yourself dramatically impacts your success in love and relationships.
It’s not so much what you say but HOW you express yourself.
The HOW is very important. Much more important than what you say.
The emotional energy and impact of how you communicate with your lover or a date is one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating lasting love and attraction.
It’s also one of the most underrated and misunderstood aspects.
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