Don’t be Catfished in Online Dating

Can you imagine talking to who you think is an attractive CFO named Derek but is instead a slobbering pervert and sex addict who lives in his mama’s basement?

You know what we’re talking about.

The ultimate catfish.

It’s dating the biggest liar of them all.

We’ve all heard the catfish horror stories.

There are many people who tell lies in their dating life.

These lies range from the white variety to the I’m nothing like who I said I am variety.

The whole notion of catfishing has led some women to give up online dating all together.

Not a good idea if you want to ultimately find love.

The fear of getting catfished is strong.

and you should be concerned about it.

But you must feel the fear and do it anyway as the book says.

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Don’t be Catfished in Online Dating

Here are the best strategies to avoid being catfished online:

1. Make common sense choices

The number one mistake people make who get catfished is they let chemistry, emotional connection or messy emotions lead them to make bad decisions.

If you stick to making rational commonsense choices you vastly reduce your chances of getting catfished

Here are some common sense choices in dating….

Don’t meet someone in a private place before knowing them.

Don’t tell them where you live or have them pick you up at your place until a few face to face dates.

Don’t lend anyone money that you are just getting to know.

Don’t have a purely online or remote love affair.

Talk to people you know when you notice red flags about someone.

2. Communicate with someone about 3 times back and forth on the dating site.

You want to have about 3 back and forth messages on an online dating site.  You don’t want to have a lot of messages back and forth.

3. Communicate with someone a few times through email or text off the site.

4. Have a phone call with the person before a first date.

5. Meet for the first date in a public place that isn’t too inconvenient for you to go to.

If you take these steps you can get out there and meet potential matches knowing you have a plan that works and reduces your chances of getting catfished.

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn