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This is why you don’t feel excited for dates

We’re sitting down writing this to you from our kitchen. Our son Mason is in archaeology camp this week (it’s summer vacay after all) BUT he picked up a bug, so today he’s resting and sleeping it off at home.

You know how much easier it is to cope with life’s challenges like having a sick kid when you have an AMAZING RELATIONSHIP.

No drug, no wine (this is big for us to say this because we LOVE WINE), no vacation, NOTHING feels better and enriches your life more than having YOUR PERSON by your side to help you navigate through the UPS and DOWNS of life.

Imagine having YOUR PERSON by your side to team up with you to take on life together. How would that change things for you?

Your answer to that question is a big reason WHY we’re doing this whole dating thing in the first place.

In our experience from working with everyone from famous celebrities to the top 1% of women in the world, if there is one thing you need to FEEL and BELIEVE in your bones to make this happen it’s that….


If you don’t believe that you can do this, it won’t happen no matter how good the strategies you’re using are.

Believe that you can do this and that you will do this and shut down all excuses or information that tell you otherwise.

–Don’t have enough time – BS

–You have a bad track record or relationship history – DOESN’T MATTER THAT’S YOUR PAST NOT YOUR FUTURE.

–Don’t think the guy you want is out there – BS THERE ARE 7.4 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, HE’S OUT THERE

–All the good men are taken – BS

–Men your age only want younger women – BS


Bottom line — You can do this and anyone or anything telling you otherwise is lying to you.

You can’t ONLY believe you can do it though! You also need to use the most effective strategies to meet this kind of man, and as would luck would have it that’s what TEAM ARN is world famous for.

Here is a text we just recommended one of you on TEAM ARN send to a guy. Feel free to use it if it fits for you.

“I had a great time Saturday and look forward to seeing you again. I LOVE it when a guy plans a time and place to get together again so I can show up and simply have fun with you:) Let me know what you come up with for us”


“thank you for posting. I recently used this as a follow-up for a first date, and a second date was immediately scheduled for tomorrow. Can’t say that I am too surprised that one of your lines worked! That said, I am unable to mentally and emotionally get excited for this second date. With the exception of one person, who I do thank you for encouraging me to continue to see, my dates and I part ways with one another either after the second or third date. Given this track record, I maintain a negative and pessimistic outlook about the prospects of seeing the guy again because it often is the case. I do realize that a man must sense this from me, and he may have trouble connecting with me since I am hesitant to genuinely connect with him. While I worked with Ashley to change my goal and strive to get to five dates with someone, it still feels elusive to me, and I sometimes have doubts that I’ll be able to get there with someone. What is the secret to a healthy balance of optimism and reality, or…, potentially, the unbeatable mindset?”


This is a great question. It’s all about creating a belief system and mindset that supports what you want to have happen. If you want to get out on 5 great dates with someone you want to create, recite, emotionalize and condition a mindset and beliefs that it will happen. Get really pig headed about conditioning this mindset every day. When you don’t feel excited that is a state issue. Change your physiology to change your state. Move and breathe in a way that gets you excited. Pump yourself up physically as if you had to give an inspiring talk to a bunch of bullied 13 year olds. Get into a state where you could inspire those kids and you’ll inspire yourself to be excited for dates.


“Thank you. I read over your response before walking into my second date and tried to focus on feeling good and confident. As a result, the second date ended up going very well, we were able to connect, and a third has already been scheduled for next week!”

Way to go. She IMMEDIATELY took action and got a good result.

This is what it’s all about. It’s about the tiny wins that add up and snowball into you living an extraordinary life with the man you want.

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