Why You Don’t Get What You Deserve

We were just talking with a client about when you’re talking with your partner or even yourself about what you want or what kind of life you want to live, it’s important to take the first surface level answer and go MUCH BIGGER.

We usually only allow ourselves to think about or talk about what we want in terms of what we feel we deserve.

The problem is we often have a very low opinion of what we believe we deserve.

If you base what you want on what you feel you deserve you’ll most likely always feel underwhelmed with the life you’re living and always feel like you aren’t getting your needs met.

Your gas tank is always on empty.

Think about, talk about and Ask for what you want in terms of what will lead to you being your best authentic self and not on what you feel you deserve.

Give you AND your partner the freedom and permission to think about and communicate what they really want whether it’s logical and reasonable or not.

Talking about these things doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do them (like living in Costa Rica for 2 years), but talking about them opens up the possibilities and the emotional space for what you CAN DO.

If you are doing that AND exploring with your partner or those closest to you what they really want, you are creating a relationship of people who are living their best authentic lives and who have the imaginitive freedom to explore what they really want.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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