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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

don’t look for love online if……

aaahhhh… the age old question (at least since 1995).

Should you look for love online or on an app?

Many of you HATE the current incarnation of dating.

You LOATHE online dating.

You wish you could serendipitously spill your coffee on your Mr. Right at Starbucks and have him pursue a relationship with you.

Many of you LOVE online dating.

You think it’s the best thing since Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall.(oh such a good yet cheesy movie).

If you know what you’re doing, you have more options in dating than ever before.

It’s an absolute gold mine out there.

Either way, Don’t look for love online under any circumstances if……

You don’t have absolutely AMAZING photos of yourself!

That’s right.

99% of people’s photos are TERRIBLE in online dating.

Their photos are sabotaging any chances they have of finding a high caliber Man.

We’ve looked at millions of profiles and can unequivocally say that this is the #1 mistake people make in online dating.

Your photo IS your first impression in online dating.

It is what decides whether a guy WILL read your information or not.

and men are unforgiving when it comes to looking at photos online.

They will swipe to the next profile in a heartbeat if your photos aren’t positively impactful.

Photos of you and your friends out having fun won’t cut it.

Photos of you hiking won’t cut it.

Photos of you with sunglasses won’t cut it.

Photos if you wearing anything other than what you wear on a date won’t cut it.

Please take this seriously or you are wasting your time online. 

In Single to Soul Mates University and in our Live Workshop we interviewed Claire Bahn, President of Online Profile Pros.  She is a former model and one of the world’s foremost experts in online dating photos.

She layed it all out.  What works and doesn’t work in your online photos.  After watching Claire you won’t waste anymore of your time with subpar photos.

If you are a member of Single to Soul Mates University you can go watch the interview right away.

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Your friends in photos,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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