Don’t read this if you’re easily offended

Happy Tuesday it’s Dr. Michael coming to you solo today,

As you many of know, we got back at the end of last week from a live in person event with our VIP clients in Las Vegas.

I’m so appreciative and grateful for all of you amazing women on TEAM ARN.

You are kind, smart, courageous, committed and take action to live the life you want.

I especially love being around those of you in our Meet the Man You Want Boot Camp or in our Year long mentorship program RISE UP because it’s soooooo inspiring to be around like minded people who are on the same mission.

It’s truly rewarding to know all of you and see the amazing things you’re doing in your life.

It’s important for Ashley and I because talking to the general population is sometimes a real trip.

Here’s a message I received from someone who proactively reached out to me for help getting out of the dating game and in finding the right person for her.

These kinds of messages used to bother me.  I would doubt myself.  I would get angry at them.

A message like this might thrown me off for a whole day or more.

Yesterday, I received this message and a calm sense of empathy and purpose washed over me.

I wasn’t upset.  I wasn’t shocked.  I didn’t feel insecure. I didn’t question what I was doing.

The main difference is now I have a BIG MISSION.

Ashley and I are on a mission to help a MILLION women have the relationship they want, with who they want, while making the impact they want.

Nothing anyone could say to me will get in the way of that mission.

Anytime I feel insecure, upset or tired the mission pulls me in a positive direction.

I recommend you create a mission for your love life and in your life in general.


Because life WILL attempt to stop you from living the life you want at times.

People in your life WILL say the craziest things to throw you off what you’re doing.

Even well-meaning people who love you will do this, not to mention the haters and trolls out there.

It will be intense at times.

At times the more you stick to your path the more INTENSE it will get.

A big mission combined with tiny daily actions is the antidote in my experience.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Michael Arn