Did he finally admit he DOESN’T want anything serious after acting like he did?

And here’s how to discover who he really is right away.

Happy day after Halloween from TEAM ARN,

Do you have a candy hangover?

A real hangover?

Ashley stole all of our son’s smarties and Michael ate all of his Snickers.

But he got A LOT of candy so it didn’t even matter.

Guess it pays to be cute and dress up in a costume.

Parenting children is a lot like dating a man.

No not that men are like children 😊

Most parents don’t want their children to act naughty or make mistakes.

They do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

The problem is when you shield children from making mistakes early on, they tend to make more of them as adults when the consequences are much more SEVERE.

In dating you do the same thing.

In the beginning, you tip toe around the fact that you want to be married or maybe have kids.

You play it cool and casual.

You get together. You fall for him. You are planning the future.

And all of sudden he tells you he doesn’t want something serious.

He doesn’t want to be married.

He doesn’t want kids.

And it’s much harder to find this out down the line AFTER you’ve fallen for him.

AFTER you’re already invested in him.

It feels counter intuitive, but it’s much better to have your child make a lot of bad decisions and mistakes when they’re young.

Do most of it in the beginning of their lives when the consequences are much smaller.

Similarly, it’s much better to discover the truth of what he really wants and will do in the beginning BEFORE you’re invested.

BEFORE you have feelings for him.

You want to overcome the big part of you that wants to delay finding out these harsh truths till later.

Have him put is cards on the table right now.

That way you’ll know when to hold em and when to fold em (thanks Kenny Rogers).

You’ll be excited to know there is simple process to find out what he wants and what he’ll do in the first several dates.

There is an undetectable way to communicate with him to discover who he really is while you have fun on your early dates. You can learn this process in our Meet the Man You Want Program.

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