How do I Find My Soulmate? Take this One Step First

A client asked us… How do I find my soulmate?

What do I have to do meet the man who is the one for me?

Do I find my soulmate online?  Offline?

We told this client we need to change how she is thinking about soulmates before she can find who she is looking for.

Another client of ours has gone on 3 great dates with a guy.

This man is attractive.  He is an ambitious professional.  He is family oriented.  He has pursued her respectfully.  He is a great conversationalist.  They’ve had easy banter and flirtation.

Our client is EXCITED (to put it mildly).

In fact, every bone in her body wants to put the dating scene in her rear view mirror like yesterday.

She reached out to us in panic mode because things are GOING SO WELL.

She can FEEL that she really wants this guy to BE HER SOULMATE.

When we started working with her, we identified her FOREVER SINGLE DATING PATTERNS.

One of the main patterns she gets into is BELIEVING a guy is THE ONE after a few great dates or weeks together.

If she has a great connection with guy or if there is palpable chemistry she ASSUMES this guy is the one.

She YEARNS for this guy to be the one.

This yearning to make this particular guy THE ONE comes out of her pores.

She thought she was doing a good job of HIDING this yearning to make this guy the one.

But you can’t hide that.

It’s just like you can’t hide being angry at someone.  You can’t hide if you are harshly judging someone.

Yes, you may not verbalize these feelings directly.

But they ooze out of you.  People feel them.

Each man she dated FELT her yearning to make him the one.

He couldn’t put his finger on what felt wrong, but he knew SOMETHING FELT WRONG.

There was just something off for him and eventually he would leave.

He also wouldn’t tell her why he left, because even he didn’t know why.

All these problems are caused by the MYTH OF THE ONE.

Most people believe there is ONE person out there for them.

That there is ONE SOUL MATE made for them.

This gross erroneous belief has caused more problems in love than the Bachelor TV Show.

The real truth is there IS NOT one soul mate out there for you.

There IS NOT one person who is right for you.

We are going to take it a step further and say that there are multiple people in this world of over 7 billion that are right for you.

You CAN HAVE a best friends and lovers soul mate relationship with multiple people in this world.

Is it hard to find these people?  Yes.

Can you have this type of relationship with everyone?  No.

But there isn’t just one person who is right for you.

That’s a myth Hollywood has sold to us.

It’s not sexy or romantic to say that you could have a great relationship with this person AND you could also have a great relationship with this other person.

It goes against everything we’ve ever been told.

But it’s true.

It’s important to KNOW that there is more than one person out there for you.

This knowing prevents you from diving head first into SCARCITY MODE because you have to make this person THE ONE.

It feels like if you don’t make it work with this person you won’t make it work with anyone.

That scarcity mode only pushes people away.  It’s like a person who NEEDS to sell something won’t sell something.  They’re too attached to the outcome.

How to Find My Soulmate

find my soulmate

Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn